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Lillifood is a small, flexible and fast video recipes supplier based in Italy.

HD Video Recipes

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Cameras, lighting, environment and background music are choosen to enhance the video quality, focusing on recipe rather than cook

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From pasta to pizza, from lasagne to tiramisù, we can provide the best, authentic, original and genuine Italian recipes!

Affordable price

Starting from € 500

We provide high quality recipe video at very affordable price since we keep production in-house, including equipment and post production.

Best quality
at the lowest price

We have designed the perfect process to record a video recipe in order to offer the best quality at the lowest price.

Two HD videos

We always provide 2 video: the original one (full recipe) of about 5 minutes and the social one (short version) of about 1.5 minutes

High quality photos

Each video is delivered with some high quality photos of the recipe and step by step images.

Different languages

We can translate the recipe in different languages. We cover every language!

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Examples of our work

Soft Apple Cupcakes

Soft apples cakes are the most tender and fragrant cakes that are extremely light as they are prepared without butter or oil. Very quick to make, just a few simple steps to enjoy them. The scent of cinnamon makes them ideal for snacking on cold days, in fact, they taste fabulous with a nice warm drink, and they also make for the perfect picnic snack or an outdoor quickie! The flavor of these cakes is indeed rustic as they are filled with delicious chunks of the Annurca apple sprinkled with brown sugar. Ricotta cheese makes it soft and fragrant for a few days.

Lasagne Alla Bolognese

And here’s the most classic Italian cuisine: Lasagna Bolognese, imagine its mini version and present it in the most stylish way, a little different from the one your grandmother has been cooking at home! The recipe is the classic one, if we wish to say, however, slightly lighter than the original: it is prepared with just tomato sauce, minus its concentrate and for the meat, only the minced mix (with a bit of sausage) of beef and calf is used. As for the pasta, it is preferable to use fresh lasagna sheets that give flexibility and ease in preparation, particularly in terms of time, and most importantly, it becomes easy to cut the sheets with a dough cutter without putting in many efforts. The outcome is a rich and a complete dish, not too heavy though. The mini version suits well for even the most elegant and sophisticated dining options.

Linzer cookies

Linzer cookies are the mini version of a classic Austrian recipe: the Linzer cakes. These are biscuits made of short crust pastry loaded with almonds, lightly salted in taste, flavored with a hint of cinnamon and filled with a jam of red fruits: the taste of raspberry jam (or, alternatively, that of the blueberry) blends perfectly with the sweetness of the pastry. Linzer cookies taste fabulous with a cup of tea or herbal tea and are ideal for snacking, especially during the holidays.

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